Kelowna Signs and Printing Service

Finding an affordable printing shop in Canada can be difficult which is why many folks go online now to order for cheap. But if you are looking for quality service for Printing Kelowna then you should check out and speak to the friendly staff there.

They offer services to do everything from Decals, business cards, printing, signs and more. If you need Signs in Kelowna then you can find them at Stacy Screen Printing.

Norm Letnick Breaks Ranks In 2009

Going against the party line is a risky move for any politician but Norm Letnick did just that in 2009. The party was thinking about putting through legislation that would force folks to go to shelters if the weather got really nasty.

Letnick says although the idea behind the legislation is noble, the act of forcing someone to go somewhere they don’t want to be could have dangerous consequences.

So Norm did what most people in politics wouldn’t; he stood against the party and voiced his honest opinion of what he thought his voters would want rather than just going with the flow.

This is the type of politician I think most people want to see in office so lets Re-Elect Norm Letnick In 2017!

Kelowna Real Estate For Chinese Investors

Should You Buy Real Estate In Kelowna BC?

If you are from China and you are looking to go to Kelowna 买房卖房 to buy a house then right now (Spring of 2017) is a great time to purchase. With the real estate market in the Okanagan continuing to increase in value you are sure to have a safe investment when you buy land in Kelowna.

Vancouver British Columbia has a 15% foreign buyer’s tax which increases the price of the home you buy while Kelowna does not have this tax which saves you money if you buy in Kelowna.

Home prices in the lower mainland of BC are starting to drop. For example, the house prices in Vancouver in January of 2017 dropped by roughly 16% while the house prices in Kelowna continue to slowly go up.

The rental prices in Kelowna are also very high so buying a rental property in Kelowna has great returns on investment.

If you are looking to purchase property in Kelowna then contact Letnick Estates as they offer service in English, French and Mandarin.